1. MNN’s Atomic Fireball challenge

    It’s that time of year where candy appears in the office, and here at MNN, we found ourselves ready to take on a challenge we haven’t faced since we were children: The Atomic Fireball Challenge. Only a handful of us were able to tolerate the delicious cinnamon burn.

    What makes Atomic Fireballs so hot? We’ve got the answer here, as well as the science behind some other classic candies, including Warheads, Pop Rocks and Wint-O-Green Life Savers.



  2. Happy Halloween from MNN!

    A few of us couldn’t resist wearing costumes to the office today.

    And how amazing is Lisa’s Grover skirt?!

    Check out some of our top Halloween stories for tips on how to have a safe, frugal and green holiday:

    Happy Halloween from MNN!

  3. Halloween at MNN

    Holly Roseberry, one of MNN’s producers, got a bit of a fright this afternoon when she heard a bodiless voice … in the elevator. Here’s Holly’s story in her own words.

    I’m wearing my Dickies work suit and tool belt, carrying a red metal tool box and wearing a UGA baseball cap, and as I get into the elevator at our fancy office building a voice says, “Ma’am, what are you working on?”

    “This is my Halloween costume.”

    “Ma’am, you need to go downstairs and check in. What project are you working on?”

    “Really, this is my Halloween costume.”

    “OK ma’am, thank you.”

    I assume security didn’t see the chopsticks I had tucked into my tool belt for the lunch I’d just bought at the cafeteria — right next to the security desk.

    Happy Halloween from MNN!