1. Got the winter blues?

    It may be cold, dark and snowy, but we’ve got tips to help you stay active, eat healthy and have fun all winter long!

  2. Getting fit in the new year

    We’ve rounded up some of our top links for eating healthy and staying fit in 2013!

    *And don’t miss our 7 resolutions for a better planet!

  3. MNN employee stands up for health

    MNN photo editor Catie Leary kicked off 2013 by transforming her cubicle into a standing desk. Research shows that people could live longer if they cut down the amount of time they spend sitting, so it’s definitely a step in the right direction and we suspect it’s only a matter of time until other MNN employees stand up and join the standing-desk bandwagon.

    Although Catie says her new desk is taking some getting used to, she says she won’t go back to sitting eight hours a day. (Plus, the rest of us enjoy waving at her from down below.)

    Want to create your own DIY standing desk? Here’s how Catie made hers with just $22 of IKEA parts.


  4. Have a healthy, happy holiday season

    With Thanksgiving over, the holiday season is truly upon us, and MNN has some tips for your holiday preparations.

  5. MNN gets fit

    After learning that a stationary lifestyle can lead to premature death, MNN decided to learn how we can stay fit in the office. Our health writer is currently putting together an illustrated list of exercises for office workers, but some of our employees couldn’t resist trying out his suggestions right here in our office.

    Look for MNN’s very own fitness models in the upcoming article, and in the meantime, here are some other good reads on staying fit — even if you’re sitting in front of your computer from 9-5.

  6. Q&A with MNN’s Kimi Harris

    Kimi is a mom who shares nourishing recipes and sustainable-living tips.

    1. What inspires you to live a green lifestyle, and what kind of things do you do to go green?
    A lot of things inspire me. My children inspire me to go “green.” They provide the motivation to take care of myself (so I can be the energetic mother they need), and I desire to nourish them with good food and to minimize toxins, when possible. We eat mostly homemade food made from whole foods, grass-fed beef, and quality seafood and chicken. We minimize packaged foods, and we try to use the least amount of plastic as possible.

    2. How did you become interested in eco-friendly food?
    It started with health concerns of my own, and then my desire and interest in healthy foods grew as I had children. That naturally lead me into thinking how I could make wise choices in how I cooked and what I bought at the store.

    3. What’s one of your favorite healthy summer recipes?
    I love salads year round, but especially in the summertime. I really like sweet onion poppyseed dressing when paired with chicken and peaches over green lettuce.

    4. What food issue are you most concerned about?
    Hmmm… That’s a hard one. I am concerned about conventional meats, GMOs and a loss of traditional foods in our diets. By traditional foods, I mean foods and cooking/farming methods that we’ve been using for thousands of year that are sometimes being replaced with inferior “modern” foods: Packaged, frozen, refined foods with little nutritional value.

    5. What’s a good way to start greening your diet?
    Make your own food at home from scratch. You will eat better, avoid many preservatives and packaging and save money too.

    Check out Kimi’s blogs here.

  7. Q&A with Snack Girl

    Lisa Cain, Ph.D., writes about healthy snacks on Snack-Girl.com. She is a published author, mother of two and an avid snacker.

    Why did you create the Snack Girl website?
    My husband and I created Snack Girl in May 2009. It was originally called “Snack Snoop,” which everyone thought sounded like “Snack Poop,” so we changed the name to Snack Girl in November 2009. 

Snack Girl was inspired by the fact that many packaged snack foods are not as healthy as you might think. In fact, the best snacks aren’t found in the snack aisle of the supermarket at all, but in the produce aisle.

 Also, many people treat their snack as a time for a treat and not a healthy choice. With the prevalence of obesity in the country, I thought tackling snacks would help people. Eating healthy snacks can aid people in losing weight and feeling better.

    How did you develop an interest in food and healthy eating?
    I started paying attention to what I was eating when I had children. I realized pretty quickly that I could not raise them on meals of doughnuts and Chinese takeout if I wanted to be a responsible parent. I began to evaluate my own eating habits and making better choices to become a good role model.

    Also, there is something about having children that makes one want to live a LONG time. So, I became motivated to become much healthier so I could meet my grandchildren.

    How do our food choices affect the environment?
    Clearly we are voting with our dollars whenever we shop at the supermarket. For example, by choosing fresh produce, we are making a choice for less packaging. There are so many ways in which our food production effects the environment. My top three are:

    1. Choosing organic means using less petroleum fertilizer and pesticides.

    2. Buying less meat is important because as you move up the food chain you use more resources.

    3. Buying local when possible saves all that transportation energy by supporting local sources.

    What advice would you give someone who’s looking to develop healthier eating habits?
    I would say take baby steps. So many times we want to make a big change and we go to an extreme that isn’t sustainable. Evaluate your diet and pick one thing that you really need to fix. Change one small thing and then work on the next thing. Hopefully, these small changes will snowball into a BIG change.

    What is your favorite snack? What are some of your family’s favorites?
    My favorite snack is a sliced apple with a little peanut butter spread on it — boring but tasty.  My son likes banana with peanut butter and my daughter loves popcorn with maple syrup and — you guessed it! — peanut butter. I guess we all love peanut butter — even my husband who is from Australia.

    Check out some of Snack Girl’s deliciously healthy recipes on MNN!